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Most people don't realize the power in Google Analytics, and how it can help your online business grow if used correctly.  Google Analytics is a very sophisticated tool, with many features, and even if your computer savvy, it can get very frustrating.  With my E-book, you will learn just how exactly you can use Google Analytics to your advantage and start increasing your conversions today!

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Mathew Tait

"Michael was a great strategic partner..."

Drennon Marketing was a great strategic partner and provided valuable insights to support our turnaround. His understanding of our business and the marketplace - balancing a strong fact-base with creativity and judgment - resulted in recommendations to help fuel our business… and aligned our organization towards sustainable growth.

"Always attacked problems with an intense focus..."

I've known Mr Drennon for a long time, and recently had the opportunity to work with him. Since I've known him, he has always attacked problems with an intense focus and doesn't rest until he or his clients come out on top. He is dedicated to constantly moving forward in life, both personally and professionally.... definitely a good addition to anyone's team!

Karen Ware
Bryan Jamil
"It was almost like having my own personal marketing assistant..."

One thing I really loved about working with Michael, was that he always responded to me quickly. It was almost like having my own personal marketing assistant to help guide me through the hurdles that most companies face when jumping into this kind of work!

Welcome to the greatest SEO blog on the internet!

just kidding... but stick around and you will NOT be disappointed.

I have been involved with the internet marketing world since I was 15 years old. Since then, a lot has happened. It all started when I came across one of these websites where you could make money from taking surveys and getting referrals. With the support and encouragement from my biggest fan, my mom, I started looking at forums. I was trying to figure out how I could get people all over the internet to sign up under my referral link, which in turn lead me to an underground internet marketing forum, which changed my life forever.

Even with all that information right in front of me, it was still a long journey to where I am today. Unless someone is guiding you, you really have no idea where to start. It wasn’t until I met Doren Lemons, and discovered SEO and keyword optimization, that things really changed. That’s what I will be teaching my subscribers.

I can guarantee if you follow my guidelines, the money will come!​